Special Effects Laboratory, notable abroad as SPFX Lab, was founded in Moscow in 2001.

The company provides design and performance of scenic special effects, offering technical and administrative support for concert and circus programmes, movies, TV and theatre shows, festivals and other public events.

Besides, the crew is engaged in fire protection at such projects, as well as in relevant training for general public and for specialized divisions.

Professional record of our principal associates continues from the end of 1980-s, they have gained international certificates of competence.

SPFX Lab is an exclusive representative of multinational Le Maitre Ltd (UK/USA) in Russia.

In sfx creation we use both uniform products of world leading manufacturers and our own proprietary developments.

These arsenal and expertise allow us to implement a universal variety of concepts – whatever scale or challenge.

Geographically the company’s showcase embraces Russia, CIS and Baltic countries, China, Czechia, the Emirates, France, Germany, Israel, Poland, Singapore, Slovakia, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey and the USA.

But the most credible reference is our portfolio.